Cambridge Hash House Harriers 1000th Run

From:    Jonathan Foweraker 
Date:    Fri 10 Jan 1997 12:40:07 -0700
Subject: Cambridge 1000th Run Info (UK: 28-30 Nov, 1997)

There is now more info available on the Cambridge 1000th run weekend
(28-30 Nov 1997). The info is included below, but bookmark:

to keep abreast of developments. An online Rego form is promised soon.

On On,


                    Cambridge Hash House Harriers 1000th Run

                         28 November - 30 November 1997

Welcome to the Cambridge Hash House Harriers (CH3) 1000th Run Page (under
The CH3 meets Sundays throughout the year. On Sunday 30th November 1997 the CH3
celebrate their 1000th run. We would like you to join us on this weekend.

Friday Night:

See the traditional Cambridge King Street Run. 8 pints without peeing/puking.
This undergraduate tradition was resurrected by the CH3 in 1982. There were 14
pubs in King Street between the wars. Now there are only five, so some doubling
up is necessary.
Champion is CH3 "Mad Monk" in a time of just over 14 minutes!


   * Registration
   * An A - B Hash starting from outside town with transport laid on.
   * Alternatively bring your bikes for a a BASH.
   * Dinner and entertainment in St Johns College Hall (max 300); dress


   * The 1000th Hash around the historic parts of Cambridge
   * Hash circle, food, drink music and entertainment.


   * #55 until 31 March 1997.
   * Contact Mark Robbins (+44 1223 881028) for details and rego form or
     Alan'Hold it for Me'Lucas
   * Or take an electronic rego (available very soon)

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